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Mon 1408-012

Selling this website to a British electrical manufacturer may be a good idea. They appear to have their eyes closed.

Perhaps it's big wigs have too big an eye to see small things as of importance. A bit elitist perhaps, such is rather popular, throughout the capitalistic world that we are ALL a part of – and ALL and NONE are words to be avoided...

..Take “Winning” and “Losing” - much the same – the Olympic Gambles in London are mostly over. “Games” is not the right word, It's commercially backed gambling on who can run the fastest, furthest, kick a ball... not about heroes in reality, but their commercial value or political or other groups that feel superior. I'm not amused or entertained by it.

I can beat your fastest runners OnaB.US – and there's a story there, who am I?

A better Life could be had by YouMeAnd.Us if we could appreciate each day, Not so much as “how far ahead we are” - of “the crowd” and deserving of their cheers – But caring a fair bit more about “the others” left behind, and struggling in our ship's wake, as we travel onwards at far too great a speed towards a future unseen, just like “Titanic” when ahead of us there is the largest hidden rock – that's not been seen, but was to Endanger.Us but we're too busy playing games we hope to win, riches on the morning after...

Cue Music #1 “there's got to be a morning after

Cue music #2 “Down among the dead men”

Q” for the dole, in cockney alphabet?

Q” for Question – what needs doing – who can help, more importantly, who will – FINEANSWERS.COM

These highlighted hyperlinks above I control – quite why, and of what value? I only think I know... Therefore?

Sun 1006-012 Update

The Philosophy “Life's Good” is portrayed here in Australia as “You wouldn't be dead for Quids” - Life has its Problems. They are Problotunities

Things” - such as a bed, a coffee pot and a fridge enable easier living – but in Australia the weather is usually tolerable, and shortages rare.

Things” need a place to use them, and keep them secure. And we need air, water, food, power and waste disposal … “a place to live” for “a better life” near other caring people.

Commerce” is good, if it is not monopolised by “rent takers” taking up “the monopoly board” - but with over 7Bn ( 7,000,000,000 ) people on our (THREE TIMES its historical number) within the last 60-70 years, personal space is much less than it was, and is VERY rapidly shrinking . Life is much better if it's CARING life.

We should not overdo it, or underdo it by our laziness and lack of thought. Lack of care.

Would you like to buy something? … Will you share it?

Is it good or bad for “others” humans, animals, environment?

What is “A Good Life”? Personal Money is a personal key to adequacy, but “yours” and “another's” may conflict in very distressing ways, when greed takes over.

Tue 02/10/007 Piggabeen, Australia ... T.., re-orienting for a better than commercial mission - that of saving TheFutureFor.Us ... we need to fix it FAST or
Or Our children will die horribly...


I'm a baby-boomer noticing it. I feel about as likely to make another 40 years as I did in London, as the cold war loomed ever larger, and ICBMs and war satellites were starting to frighten us.
40 years of baby-boomer slackness and uncaring has led to ever more babies, using evermore "cheap and dirty" fossil fuels.
Those now becoming teenagers have a lot less to thank their parents for than I did. (My dad fought in World War 2.) .. and "The Z Generation" (2005-2025) "should extract compensation from their mothers for idiocy"... well, perhaps.
Australia is as overdue as everywhere else for a needed change in CARING

If It’s To Be, It’s Up To Me”

Do-lars .. Do-lars .. Do-lars ..